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Argisht Palace

GENERAL TERMS - Argisht Palace Hotel Chaika Golden Sands Bulgaria - Summer Vacations


General terms and conditions for internet reservations, governing the relations between VITA INTERNATIONAL 2002 Ltd., entered in the commercial register at the Registration Agency with EIK 103782696, with headquarters and management address: Primorski district, HOTEL BONA VITA, c. Varna, BULGARIA, referred to for short as “HOTEL” and individuals and legal entities, referred to as “USERS” for short, arising from the acceptance of reservation services, at the reception desk, via the telephone at the reception desk or through the website of the “Hotel” – www.argishtpalace.com

The present “General Terms and Conditions” govern the payment relations, rights and responsibilities of the “Hotel” and the Users, regarding the services provided to guests who have made reservations through the official website – www.argishtpalace.com, directly at the reception desk, via telephone at the reception desk or email.


The types of personal data that the administrator collects and processes are different, according to the purposes for which they are collected and the reasons for their processing:

The types of data collected according to their purposes are the following:

1.To implement a request and confirm a reservation , the HOTEL collects and processes the following types of data:

a/ When booking, through the website:

– Name and surname of the contact person;

– e-mail address and telephone number of the contact person;

b/ When booking by phone:

– phone number for feedback and e-mail address for confirmation of the reservation

– Name and surname of the contact person;

These data are stored until the reservation is made. After that, the data is destroyed and their subsequent processing is impossible.

2.For the purposes of accommodating guests in the HOTEL, the administrator processes and stores the following data:

– Social security number / social security number;

– Name of the person (for Bulgarian citizens – in Cyrillic, for foreigners – in Latin, according to the national document);

– Date of birth;

– Gender; – Citizenship;

– ID card number/valid national identity document;

– Country that issued the national document.

The data collected for the purposes of registration at the hotel are collected on the basis of Art. 116, para. 2 of the Law on Tourism and are necessary for keeping a register of accommodated tourists. The data is stored for a period of 5 /five/ calendar years.

3.For the purposes of holding corporate or personal events in the HOTEL, the following data are processed and stored:

– Two names of the person organizing the event. In case of corporate events, a contact person specified by the legal entity, organizer of the event;

– e-mail address and telephone number of the contact person.

These data are stored for up to 3 /three/ calendar years after the event has taken place. Learn more about the data collected on the site in the privacy policy.


We work with DSK Bank, which is currently the only bank in Bulgaria that has a PCI DSS certificate and undergoes an annual audit to confirm that all its processes meet PCI DSS requirements. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) certificate – a global standard for the security and safety of card transactions and payments on the Internet, which includes requirements in six main areas: building and maintaining a secure network, protecting against data theft, developing and maintaining a management program vulnerabilities, implementing access control measures, monitoring and testing the network, and maintaining and enforcing an information security policy;

⦁ On our website www.argishtpalace.com, respectively VITA INTERNATIONAL 2002 OOD, you can pay with a bank debit, credit or business card with the Visa and MasterCard logo through the virtual POS of a bank serving us, which is DSK AD part of the OTP group.

⦁ Payment by bank card is made by generating a unique link for your reservation from us to you. After receiving the link in your e-mail, you need to click on it to open the bank’s payment page.

⦁ Payment security is protected by the security programs of international card organizations (ICOs) MasterCardIdentitycheck and VISA Secure.

⦁ When paying by card through the virtual POS of DSK bank, you will need to enter the card number, validity, CVV/CVC. If your card participates in the MKO MasterCardIdentitycheck and VISA Secure security program, you will need to enter a 3-D password.

⦁ We at www.argishtpalace.com, respectively VITA INTERNATIONAL 2002 OOD do not collect, process or store card data. All card data is filled in personally by you in a secure payment page of our service bank.

⦁ Regardless of the currency of your bank account, the transaction will be carried out in Bulgarian leva according to the current exchange rate of your servicing bank. All prices are final, including VAT.

⦁ In cases where an amount needs to be refunded, regardless of whether it is in whole or in part, and the payment was made by card, we will refund the amount by ordering a reverse operation on the card with which the payment was made within  30 days. From the point of view of security, the maximum amount for payment by card is 10000.00 BGN.


 You can pay with a bank debit, credit or business card with the Visa and MasterCard logo through the virtual POS of a bank serving us, which is DSK AD part of the OTP group


By visiting the site www.argishtpalace.com, users consent to cookies being placed on their devices. If the user does not want cookies to be placed on his device, he can do so from the settings of the software with which he opens this site www.argishtpalace.com, in which case the complete and accurate functioning of the site cannot be guaranteed. The user is considered informed regarding the non-individualized tracking of his behavior on the site and on the Internet when visiting, booking, registering, switching from another site, etc. by www.argishtpalace.com.


If you have any questions regarding our measures and rules regarding the protection of personal data, please send a message through the Contact form on the site, contact us by phone – +359(89)6707004 or email – vita2002@abv.bg * The online reservation system is operated by dpb trademark owned by KITT OOD (certificate of registration no. 5482)